The National Chicken Council publishes the Washington Report every week for its members.  Access to the on-line newsletter is restricted to employees and officers of NCC’s member companies with the exception of press, academia, government, and state or regional poultry associations.

Margaret Ernst serves as Washington Report editor.  To comment, send an e-mail to

If  you would like to subscribe and your firm is an NCC member or you meet the exceptions above, please contact Debra Newman in the NCC office at  Also please include your name, mailing address, and phone number for NCC’s records.

To unsubscribe, contact Debra Newman at  Please include the e-mail address that received the e-mail summary.

The National Chicken Council is a national trade association that represents the producers and processors of over 95 percent of the broiler chickens marketed in the United States, fowl processors, and distributors as well as representing allied companies that provide goods and services to NCC’s producer-processor members.