Texan by Nature, a non-profit founded by former First Lady Laura Bush, on Wednesday recognized Sanderson Farms as an honoree in the 2020 Texan 20, a collection of the top businesses leading conservation and sustainability in Texas.

“At Texan by Nature, we accelerate conservation efforts that are beneficial to our natural resources, health, and economic prosperity,” president and CEO of Texan by Nature Joni Carswell said. “It is an honor to showcase and celebrate conservation led by Texas-based businesses that pairs our wealth of natural and business resources.”

Texan by Nature launched the Texan by Nature 20, a list of businesses that showcase the work being done across Texas and the best practices in their industries on conservation in sustainability, in 2019. The TxN 20 is a list of the top companies across 12 industries that “showcase innovation, commitment, and best practices from a variety of industries,” according to Texan by Nature’s website.

Sanderson Farms on September 3 released its 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report, which can be found here.

Since 2008, Sanderson Farms has seen a 20 percent reduction in electricity usage, 35 percent reduction in natural gas usage (11 percent in just 2019), and a 40 percent reduction in water usage. In FY2019, according to its report, Sanderson Farms recycled nearly 27 percent of the water it withdrew, equivalent to irrigating 48,779 acres.