On October 7, 2005, a group of national associations of poultry meat producing countries realized their vision by giving life to the International Poultry Council (IPC) and thanks to their foresight, this week the association marked its 15th year anniversary.

“Such an important birthday should deserve an appropriate celebration, bringing our Members all together and celebrating our industry, but unfortunately, as you well know, destiny has chosen a different path for us, preventing IPC from holding both Semester meetings in 2020 and making us live one of the most difficult and challenging experiences in the history of mankind that will leave an indelible mark on us all,” wrote IPC President Robin Horel and IPC Secretary General Nicolò Cinotti in a letter to members this week. The National Chicken Council is a member of the IPC.

“In a moment of such difficulty, the poultry sector has shown its resilience, absorbing the blow of the pandemic, the lockdown and the resulting consequences, continuing its business and adapting to the ‘new normal’ that has come before us,” the letter continued.

IPC also noted that webinars will be announced shortly and will take place from November 11-13, focusing on the restart and the challenges that the various links in the supply chain are facing in this period. Furthermore, on November 13, the IPC General Session will be held online, giving members an update on some of the IPC’s recent activities.

The meeting will include:
− IPC plan for the renewal of the Working Groups, to make them more productive and at the same time less burdensome for Members
− update on the new website of the Association
− financial presentation including a proposed budget for 2021
− the proposed amendment of the Bylaws that has been distributed to members
− election of Executive Committee members