NCC on Tuesday joined a broad group of food and agriculture groups in a letter to President Donald Trump requesting more time for China to fulfill their promises to purchase U.S. agricultural commodities.

“Under your strong leadership, along with that of U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, the Phase One Trade Agreement represents historic outcomes that address many of the technical barriers to trade that impeded American agriculture’s fullest suite of opportunities in China – and commits China to significant purchases of American agricultural products,” the letter said.

“While the current pace of U.S. agricultural exports to China is below the pace needed to meet the Phase One goals, American farmers, ranchers, and rural communities remain optimistic that the purchases under this agreement will accelerate and be fulfilled by China, and that as a result, the American agriculture sector will enjoy important market opportunities.”

“You have our full support and appreciation as you and your outstanding trade team work to ensure that China meets its commitments under Phase One now and into the future,” the letter concluded.

Over 190 organizations signed the letter, which can be found here.