President Donald Trump made his first official state visit to India earlier this week.  The President concluded the state visit to India on Tuesday without any major announcements on trade between the two countries. President Trump attended one-on-one talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, followed by delegation-level meetings to try and move forward on the trade dispute, according to Reuters.

President Trump said the U.S. and India are making progress on a trade deal, which had been an area of friction between the two countries.

“Our teams have made tremendous progress on a comprehensive trade agreement and I’m optimistic we can reach a deal that will be of great importance to both countries,” President Trump said in remarks made along side Modi.

The two countries had initially planned to produce a smaller deal, but that proved elusive.  Instead, both sides are now aiming for a larger package, including possibly a free trade agreement.

President Trump called his India state visit a “tremendous learning experience” and commented that the U.S-India relationship has “never been better.”