Tyson Foods has announced the creation of the Coalition for Global Protein, a new initiative aimed at developing sustainable protein options and to find sustainable solutions to producing protein.  To mark the coalition’s launch, Tyson convened leaders from the global protein industry as well as academia, non-governmental organizations, and financial institutions in Davos, Switzerland, alongside the 50th World Economic Forum held January 21-24.

The coalition will focus on increasing understanding around the challenges of feeding a growing population and testing new ideas through pilot programs, the company said.  Areas of focus will include reducing food loss and waste, increasing access to protein, and protecting ecosystems. Tyson said it would include leaders from companies of “all forms of protein” for its coalition, meaning that purveyors of plant-based alternatives could be in the mix.

“We’re focusing of uniting the world’s most influential, food-focused stakeholders around a shared purpose to build a future of protein that is sustainable and equitable across global communities – at every link in the supply chain,” said John R. Tyson, chief sustainability officer at Tyson Foods.  “Igniting transformative change in our food system requires industry-wide collaboration and a willingness to go beyond our individual businesses through strong commitments and actions.”

“We want to help ensure the responsible production of affordable, nutritious food for generations to come,” Tyson CEO Noel White said in a statement.  “We’re introducing this coalition because we know that we cannot achieve this alone,” White said.