The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday finalized the 2020 required volume obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

Conventional corn ethanol volumes will be maintained at the 15-billion-gallon target set by Congress for 2020. Cellulosic biofuel volumes and advanced biofuels volume, the category in which cellulosic biofuels is nested, will increase nearly 170 million gallons over the 2019 standard. Biomass-based diesel volumes for 2021 will be equivalent to the standard for 2020.

EPA said it will “closely examine” the labeling requirements for E15 fuel and move forward with clarifying regulations “as needed,” per the agency’s press release.

In the future, EPA will “pursue opportunities through the budget process to consider infrastructure projects that would accommodate higher biofuel blends.”

NCC comments on these RVOs can be found here.