Sanderson Farms recently released its 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report highlighting the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

The 88-page, comprehensive report is Sanderson’s most in-depth account of corporate responsibility practices to date. The report details Sanderson’s approach to fiscal responsibility, employee safety and benefits, animal welfare and nutrition, antibiotic usage, food safety, philanthropy and community efforts, environmental conservation and natural resource usage, and more.

Since 2008, Sanderson has tracked its daily usage of electricity, gas and water at every complex and has set annual goals regarding resource usage. The data is measured against the annual goals and industry standards, which are measured per salable pound.

“As a public company with a responsibility to shareholder returns, it is our job to ensure that not only is today a good day for chicken, but the day after that, the week after that, the month after that, the year after that and for the next decades to come,” chairman of the board and chief executive officer Joe F. Sanderson Jr. said. “After reading this report, I feel confident that readers will come to understand why we at Sanderson Farms believe it is always a good day for chicken.”

“As a company, we fully understand our obligation to protect our environment by conserving natural resources, recycling resources utilized in our operation and creating renewable resources when possible,” director of development and engineering Pic Billingsley said. “We go to great lengths to ensure our facilities are designed and built to conserve precious natural resources like water, and we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve upon the progress we have already made in terms of being a responsible steward of the environment.”

“We feel like we have a responsibility to give back where we see the greatest need,” president and chief operating officer Lampkin Butts said. “Our success as a business is dependent on the success of the communities in which we operate. That is one reason why helping our communities succeed has been at the core of our corporate culture since the company was founded. We owe it to our employees and their families.”