Wayne Farms this week announced an expansion of Halal-compliant, frozen chicken products for foodservice, deli, retail and club customers in conjunction with Crescent Foods.

The product offerings include a boneless skinless chicken breast filet, which is immediately available at Costco Wholesale stores on the east coast. These will become available in midwestern Costco Wholesale stores in October. The line will also include fully-cooked, crescent-shaped chicken nuggets, par-friend breaded chicken tenders and chunks.

The partnership with Crescent Foods means the products are produced in accordance with the highest Halal standards through practices that go beyond conventional Halal offerings. Many conventional Halal products permit mechanical slaughter, inclusion of animal byproducts in feed, antibiotic use and lack of welfare certification requirements.

Crescent Foods products expand conventional Halal standards to include hand slaughtering, a 100 percent vegetable and grain diet, no animal byproducts in feed, no antibiotics ever, and humane animal care verification.

“Flexibility and collaboration in creating an amazing chicken experience for all of our customers has never been more important,” said Tom Bell, vice president of prepared foods for Wayne Farms. “Offering ‘choice’ is part of our DNA, and we’re proud of our proven ability to scale-up and expand Halal offerings that meet and exceed stringent quality standards set by Crescent Foods—a well-known and highly regarded leader in their industry.”