The Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) would like to extend appreciation to all stakeholders that participated in the USDA Food Purchase and Distribution Program (Trade Mitigation). The Trade Mitigation purchase program assisted agricultural producers impacted by foreign tariffs. USDA’s AMS was able to purchase 1,009,893,959 pounds of domestic commodities impacted by trade retaliation, dispensing $1.14 billion in mitigation funds to-date, with all purchases complete. These purchases enabled food banks and local hunger relief agencies to provide additional food to families in need in local communities.

As this round of Trade Mitigation purchases has drawn to a close, we are seeking comments from stakeholders regarding the purchase program. Your comments will facilitate AMS’s evaluation of the Trade Mitigation purchase program and consideration for adjustments in the planning for and issuance of future solicitations under Trade Mitigation.

For each of the following questions, topics can include, but are not limited to: Checkloading, Audits, Purchase/Delivery Schedule, Specifications and requirements, Timing of Solicitations, Communications, New vendor registration, etc.

1) From your perspective, what went well during round one of the Trade Mitigation purchase program?

2) What challenges did you face during the Trade Mitigation purchase program?

3) From your perspective, what did not work well during round one of the Trade Mitigation program?

4) How could we improve the Trade Mitigation purchase process in future rounds?

5) If you did not participate in the Trade Mitigation purchase program, could you share the reasons why?

We welcome your feedback on the Trade Mitigation purchase program. When submitting suggestions, please provide justification for any recommended changes. All suggestions will be taken into consideration for future solicitations within the boundaries of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and best practices. All responses should be sent to by October 15, 2019 by 1:00 PM, Central Time and questions regarding this request for feedback should be emailed to Samatha Gullion at, (202) 720-4153.