Innovative Water Care/BlueSense, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, has joined the National Chicken Council as an allied member company. Jacqueline Schramm, sales manager, will serve as the official representative to NCC.

Innovative Water Care provides sanitation solutions, feeder equipment and specialized services for drinking water systems, industrial applications and agricultural and irrigation waters. Besides its commitment to microbial control, Innovative Water Care is deeply involved in the development of sustainable technologies. Introducing BlueSense™, an innovative solution, producing sanitizing disinfecting agents using the chloride ions naturally present in the water.

Through a proprietary and patented process these ions are turned into powerful disinfectants, either hypochlorous acid or chloride dioxide. BlueSense™ technology only requires a low voltage supply and does not require the handling of hazardous liquid chemicals to generate disinfectants.

To learn more about Innovative Water Care/BlueSense, visit their website at

BlueSense Water Care Solutions


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