In celebration of World Veterinary Day, Sanderson Farms is recognizing the hard work and accomplishments of its dedicated team of poultry veterinarians, while continuing its mission of educating consumers.

Beginning tomorrow on World Veterinary Day, and continuing weekly throughout May, Sanderson Farms’ “Ask a Vet” social media campaign will spotlight several of the company’s hard-working poultry veterinarians as they answer some of the public’s most commonly asked questions about poultry production.

For nearly 20 years, World Veterinary Day has been held to celebrate the contributions of veterinarians to the health of animals and society. According to the World Veterinary Association, this year’s theme is Value of Vaccination. Veterinarians use vaccines to protect the health of animals, and in turn, the livelihood of farmers.“

As a poultry veterinarian, my main focus is disease prevention, biosecurity, and vaccination,” said Dr. Phil Stayer, Sanderson Farms Corporate Veterinarian. “The veterinary team at Sanderson Farms is responsible for designing dynamic vaccination programs to protect against diseases that we’ve identified as risks to the areas across the Southeast in which we have operations.”

Sanderson Farms veterinarians care for birds from Texas to North Carolina. In addition to their vaccination responsibilities, the veterinary team designs, implements, and observes biosecurity programs to prevent illness in Sanderson Farms flocks. Despite the entire Sanderson Farms live production team’s best efforts to prevent disease, flocks may get sick and require treatment, such as antibiotics. These medications are responsibly and judiciously used under the close supervision of Sanderson Farms’ licensed, board certified poultry veterinarians.