Jim Perdue, chairman and advertising spokesman for Perdue Farms, was inducted into the American Poultry Historical Society’s Poultry Industry Hall of Fame during a ceremony at the recent International Poultry and Processing Exposition in Atlanta.

A third-generation leader of the company founded in 1920, Perdue joins his father Frank Perdue, who was inducted into the Poultry Industry Hall of Fame in 1995.  They are the only father and son to receive the honor.

“Jim, like his father and grandfather (company founder Arthur W. Perdue) is an innovator and continues to manage Perdue Farms as a ‘premium protein company’…and ‘has been a leader in producing totally antibiotics free chicken raised humanely,” reads the plaque presented to Perdue.  As Chairman, Perdue is responsible for ensuring the company stays true to its values, and ensuring the company continues to build on its strong corporate responsibility programs, especially continued leadership in elevating animal care and strengthening relationship with farmers.

The American Poultry Historical Society inducts not more than five people into the hall of fame every three years.  Honorees are selected by a broad-based committee of 39 poultry industry and institutional representatives from nominations submitted to the Society.  The first awards were handed out in 1953.