Every February, we all come together to celebrate one of America’s most beloved day of sports – The Super Bowl. Allegiances are made and rivalries forged. Some dreams are shattered while others are fulfilled.  Only one thing is certain – a full stomach for fans everywhere. In fact, football-loving Americans will consume an incredible amount of chicken wings Super Bowl weekend.

No matter where you stand on dips, teams or if you’re a left wing or right wing, we can all unite over the American fan-favorite tradition of enjoying chicken wings at any watch party. For this reason, the National Chicken Council is petitioning President Trump and Congress to come together and declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a federal holiday: “National Chicken Wing Appreciation Day.”

It’s time to unite, raise a chicken wing, and cheer on our favorite teams from kickoff, to the commercials, to the half-time show and the final score.  Sign our petition now to show your support for a National Holiday the day after the Super Bowl, Monday, February 4.