Harrison Poultry announced recently that it is expanding operations with a $72 million chicken feed manufacturing facility and hatchery being constructed in Crawfordville, Georgia, according to Feedstuffs.

“This new project is so much more than a simple feed mill, said David Bleth, Chief Executive Officer at Harrison Poultry.  “The advances in technology will allow us to be more efficient, lower our cost and allow us to grow our business.  As we grow, so does our ability to create jobs and provide contracts for new broiler growers.  Together, this means economic development for a region primed to benefit from new opportunities,” Bleth said.

Harrison Poultry recently began construction of the state-of-the art chicken feed manufacturing facility and hatchery in Crawfordville to support rising demand for poultry.  In addition to current operations, the completed facility will enable the company to support up to a total of 165 new broiler houses and produce up to 18,000 tons of feed weekly,

In the long-term, the Harrison Poultry expansion is projected to create 394 net new jobs in Georgia, the company said.

“As Harrison Poultry expands, they will invest more than $90 million in attracting the additional growers and broiler houses the new feed mill will support,” said state senator Lee Anderson.  “That’s a huge gain for agribusiness right here in Taliaferro County.”

“Founded here in Georgia, Harrison Poultry is a homegrown company that recognizes the benefits of operating in our competitive economic environment,” Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said.


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