Aviagen® has presented its annual 2017 Flock Award winners, recognizing North American customers who, through best practices in flock management, have achieved top performance with Ross® 708 and Ross 308 poultry breeding stock.

In separate ceremonies led by Aviagen representatives, the winners of the 2017 awards were presented with an engraved crystal egg to honor their accomplishments.

Aviagen began the Flock Award program in 2014 as a tribute to the performance excellence of its valued Ross customers. Since then, Aviagen has expanded the program with a greater number of achievement categories.

In some instances, the scores were close, with recipients winning by less than one point. Customer performance was evaluated based on 2017 flock performance records.

“We congratulate this year’s Flock Award recipients and commend their performance achievements. Reaching this level requires strong leadership and commitment, coupled with outstanding stockmanship,” said Randall Vickery, Aviagen’s Regional Technical manager.

The winning breeders obtained top scores in four performance areas: total eggs per hen housed to 65 weeks of age (Top Egg Producer); hatching eggs per hen housed to 65 weeks (Top Hatching Eggs); chicks per hen housed to 65 weeks (Top Chicks) and hatchability to 65 weeks (Top Hatch).

First and second place achievers were recognized with gold and silver awards for Ross 708. Ross 308 winners received gold awards, and the silver category will be added as more flocks are sold.  2017 Ross 708 and Ross 308 Award Winners:

Ross 708, Category, and Aviagen Customer:

  • Gold:  Top Egg Producer, Amick Farms, Monetta, SC
  • Silver:  Top Egg Producer, George’s, Harrisonburg, W.VA
  • Gold:  Top Hatching Eggs, Amick Farms, Monetta, SC
  • Silver:  Top Hatching Eggs, Sanderson Farms, Lumberton, NC
  • Gold:  Top Chicks, Sanderson Farms, Lumberton, NC
  • Silver:  Top Chicks, Sanderson Farms, Kinston, NC
  • Gold:  Top Hatch, Sanderson Farms, Adel, GA
  • Silver Top Hatch:  Wayne Farms, Albertville, A

Ross 308

  • Gold:  Top Egg Producer, OK Foods, Fort Smith, AR
  • Gold:  Top Hatching Eggs, OK Foods, Fort Smith, AR