Foster Farms, the largest poultry processor on the West Coast, announced yesterday that they will be streamlining their internal processing operations with the help of Rehrig Pacific, a leading supply chain solutions provider. By replacing corrugate bins with reusable, washable plastic bins, Foster Farms will not only improve the safety and efficiency of their operation, but will also move closer to achieving their zero-waste sustainability goals.

“Rehrig worked closely with us for nearly seven months to develop a solution perfectly suited to our plant’s needs,” said Jeff Segars, Livingston Plant Manager at Foster Farms. “They manufacture the bins themselves, but what amazed us was how hard they worked to consult with us on our entire operation. This isn’t about just swapping out corrugate for plastic – it’s finding alternatives that align with our food safety and waste reduction goals”

Rehrig Pacific’s 48×40 General Purpose Bins will be used in three of Foster Farms’ plants, eliminating the need for costly corrugate options. Rehrig’s high-quality injection-molded plastic bins can be washed and reused, to align with food safety best practices.

“We’re thrilled at this new partnership with Foster Farms,” said Briana Sardo, Western Region Protein Specialist of Rehrig’s Materials Handling Solutions Group. “Like so many of Rehrig’s customers, Foster Farms is solving old problems in new ways. The savings and results will be felt almost immediately.” Visit to learn more.