Following a year of positive gains for Church’s Chicken, the brand has announced an initiative for enhancing restaurant performance; The Excellence Advisory Council (EAC). Designed to work in concert with Church’s Independent Franchise Association (CIFA), the EAC will be comprised of U.S.-based franchisees and corporate leadership to strategically address key and satisfy business initiatives, opportunities for the brand, and solutions for overcoming challenges. The Council will meet on a quarterly basis and will be built from a maximum of 22 members, with CEO, Joe Christina acting as President and Craig Prusher serving as Custodian of the Council.

“Throughout the past several months, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting with multiple franchisees, restaurant managers, and other employees across the country,” explained Christina about the formation of the group. “What we realized is that the CIFA board’s greatest strength is identifying what topics we need to be addressing as a system. The EAC will then follow through on those areas of focus by implementing tactics and strategies to achieve those goals. It’s very much a collaborative effort aimed at delivering outstanding results in a timely manner.” Church’s full press release can be read here.