In marketing year 2019 (January – December), Korea’s chicken production is projected to increase about 2.4 percent to 932,000 metric tons from 910,000 MT in marketing year 2018, mainly due to elevated competition for market share caused by increased supply from new slaughtering facilities owned by vertically-integrated chicken companies.

In addition,  there has been a stable rise in demand for chicken, which continues to sell at a cheaper price than other meat (beef and pork), according to a USDA GAIN report.

China’s production of chicken meat will continue to recover in 2019, growing 3 percent to 12 million metric tons due to cumulative increases in white-feather, yellow-feather, and hybrid broiler production, based on USDA’s GAIN report.

In another GAIN report, the European Union-28 (EU-28) chicken meat sector is expected to continue to grow in 2018 and 2019 due to slowly increasing domestic demand and increased exports. The economic downturn in Europe has not impacted sales, and, in fact, makes the product more attractive to consumers than other meats because it is cheaper and more convenient to prepare.