Recently retired Aviagen veterinarian Carolyn Miller, DVM, MAM, DACPV was welcomed into the prestigious Hall of Fame of the Tennessee Poultry Association (TPA), during the TPA’s annual meeting on August 3 in Nashville, Tennessee.

The TPA uses the award to recognize those who have dedicated their careers to making significant contributions to the Tennessee poultry industry.  The TPA also took the opportunity to name Daniel Long, quality assurance manager of Aviagen pedigree and great grandparent broiler breeder stock and Nathaniel Collett, breeder manager for Aviagen North America as emerging leaders in the Tennessee poultry industry.

Dr. Miller became a member of the TPA upon moving to Tennessee in 1994 as a way to build and strengthen her connection to the industry.  Since then, she has been an active contributor to the success and growth of the TPA in its mission to promote and protect the industry, and be a “collective voice for the Tennessee commercial poultry sector in support of promoting education, policy, and public relations for the sustainment of the industry.

Dr. Miller joined Aviagen in 1994 as breeding program veterinarian and laboratory manager in Crossville, Tennessee, where she managed the health programs of Aviagen’s pedigree breeding programs. Before moving to Tennessee, she worked as a poultry veterinarian for the Missouri Department of Agriculture and also a lab technician for Sterwin Laboratories in Springdale, Arkansas.

Her extensive educational background includes a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Missouri, a Master of Avian Medicine from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Arkansas.  After her retirement, Dr. Miller continues to serve the poultry industry as a consultant.

“I’m both humbled and honored to be received into the TPA’s Hall of Fame.  During my 24 years of membership, I’ve seen the organization grow and succeed, and I feel great about the progress it has made toward the development of the poultry sector in Tennessee,” Dr. Miller said.