Aviagen, a long-time supporter of the American Association of Avian Pathologists (AAAP), participated again this year as a $5,000 platinum sponsor of the AAAP Annual Meeting, held July 13-17 in Denver, Colorado.

In line with Aviagen’s commitment to help prepare future generations for careers in the poultry industry, the company also contributes to the AAAP Foundation’s scholarship program, and has donated more than $5,000 to four 2018 Preceptor Scholarship Awards.

Preceptorship Award assists future poultry professionals

The Preceptorship Scholarship sponsored by Aviagen offers opportunities for young veterinary students from various American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA)-accredited colleges of veterinary medicine to explore avian medicine as a career. Scholarship funds help the students with living and travel expenses while they participate in on-the-job training programs. These programs enable them to expand their veterinary skills through practical experience in their specialized fields. Training sites for the programs include universities, diagnostic laboratories, poultry production companies and poultry breeding companies.

Dr. Eric Jensen appointed AAAP president elect

Aviagen North America’s Vice President of Veterinary Services Dr. Eric Jensen, who is a long-standing and active member of the AAAP and has just completed a term on the Board of Directors, is the Association’s newly elected president elect for 2019-2020

Dr. Jensen explained that the AAAP mission is to promote scientific knowledge to enhance poultry health by publishing the Avian Disease journal and producing educational material such as white papers, slide sets and books on bird welfare, disease prevention through biosecurity and other measures, and other important poultry industry topics.

 “Our goal is to enhance the health, well-being and productivity of poultry for today and the future, making available a wealth of scientific knowledge for the academic world, our customers and the wider industry. And, we provide educational opportunities for future generations of poultry professionals whose careers will help supply the world with a dependable and sustainable source of healthy protein,” said Jensen.

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