The Sussex County Board of Adjustment has given approval of Allen Harim Foods’ plan to convert part of its building in Millsboro, Delaware, into a chicken deboning facility.  The board unanimously approved the permit at its May 7 meeting.  The Millsboro facility is a former Vlasic pickle plant and was owned by Pinnacle Foods before Allen Harim purchased it in 2014.

In December 2017, Allen Harim announced plans to repurpose the building, including converting 50,000 square fee of the facility to a chicken deboning operation.  Allen Harim also wishes to relocate its headquarters from Seaford, Delaware, to a portion of the Millsboro facility.  The company said the office space portion of the building will most likely be ready for occupancy by the first quarter of 2019.  Additionally, Allen Harim proposed including a consignment warehouse operation that will store boxes and other packaging materials.

Allen Harim purchased the Millsboro facility with the intent to use it as a plant to process a breed of chicken used in a ginseng stew.  However, those plans did not materialize, and the facility has primarily been used as a storage facility.