The Trump administration is considering allowing the sale of a higher ethanol fuel blend in the summer, according to a report this week from Reuters.

President Trump recently met with EPA and USDA secretaries to discuss ways to make the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) less expensive to the oil industry without undercutting demand for ethanol.

Sources had told Reuters that Trump was temporarily suspending his consideration of a refining industry-backed proposal to cap prices for blending credits, an idea that the biofuels industry has opposed as damaging to farmers.  But in the meantime, the administration is considering moving forward with plans to allow for the ethanol industry’s long sought waiver to sell gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol in the summer, according to the article.

White House spokeswoman Kelly Love said that during Trump’s meeting Monday he “instructed his Cabinet to continue to explore options that protect American farmers and America’s refinery workers.”