U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Tuesday he had “begun to have very high-level conversations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and rejoining the regional trade pact is an option for President Donald Trump.

President Trump repeatedly attacked the TPP deal on the campaign trail and pulled the U.S. out of it soon after he took over early last year. However, last month he expressed openness to rejoining if the terms were improved. Mnuchin told the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington that this was significant. “He’s willing to negotiate,” Mnuchin said. “Whether we do multilaterals or we consider going back into TPP, again that’s something that’s on the table.”

Japan has spearheaded a drive to keep the pact alive among the remaining 11 members, and the resulting agreement is set to be signed on March 8. Mnuchin said the United States would focus on bilateral deals first before reviewing its stance on the TPP. “It’s not a priority at the moment, but it is something the president will consider,” he added.