Restaurant industry consultancy Andrew Freeman & Company released its annual 2018 food trend predictions and the prevalence of chicken is atop the list.

“Stay on the lookout for more chefs introducing the versatile rotisserie chicken,” the San Francisco-based consulting firm says, “easy on operations and the wallet and perfect for delivery and takeout,” AF&Co., whose clients include restaurants such as Ocean Prime and nonprofits like the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America food-tour initiative, also pointed out that fried chicken and chicken sandwiches also are being embraced as affordable comfort food suitable for stressful times.

Overall US chicken consumption has reached record highs every year since 2012, reaching 91 million pounds in 2016. Estimates for 2017 suggest a new high of 91.3 million pounds and forecasts for 2018 predict an increase to 92.5 million pounds, according to NCC data.

While the prediction might seem like a safe bet given the data that supports it, AF&Co. is set to include more details on their prediction later this month, holding its 2018 “Trend Report World Premiere” webinars on November 14 and 16.

Rounding out AF&Co’s top five are the prevalence of “fine-casual” dining, the rising popularity of Israeli cuisine, more colorful food and the creative use of waste, such as re-purposing unused ingredients into different dishes.