The book, Frank Perdue, Tough Man, Tender Chicken; Business & Life Lessons, written by Mitzi Perdue, has reached number six on Amazon’s business biographies.  To write this book, Mitzi, wife of the late Frank Perdue,  interviewed nearly 140 people, both friends and foes alike, to  understand every aspect of the man behind Perdue Farms.

The book profiles the story of how Frank Perdue, a self-made man,  built his small chicken and grain company into an international powerhouse that employs today 19,000 people and sells it products to more than 100 countries.

“Don’t tell me what’s right about my product.  Tell me what’s wrong because that’s the only way I can learn.”  These are the words of Frank Perdue, one of the industry’s most famous entrepreneurs, marketer, and businessman.  With his father, he build a business that turned a commodity into a famous brand. This legacy is profiled n Mitzi’s book in both the business and life lessons that guided him throughout his career.

Mitzi Perdue, a former rice grower, is a syndicated columnist and television and radio host. She frequently gives inspirational talks and is involved in philanthropic work.  She has authored nine books, including a series of cookbooks.  At a recent book-signing event in New York City, Mitzi discussed her newest book.  Funds raised from the sale of books was donated to the International Committee Again Mental Illness’ Global Stress Initiative and The J. Luce Foundation.