The International Poultry Council (IPC) is seeking qualified applicants for the position of full-time secretary-general. George Watts, who holds the post currently, will step down after the IPC’s next meeting in Rome in April. Watts, who retired as president of the National Chicken Council in 2011, has held the secretary-general position on a part-time basis for the past three years.

 “When several members of the IPC sat down with the executive committee last September to develop a strategic plan for the organization’s next 10 years, it became clear that the role of secretary-general had expanded well beyond a part-time position,” said IPC President Jim Sumner, who is president of the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council. “The IPC recently marked its 10th anniversary and has grown to the point that it requires the full-time attention of its chief executive.”

The IPC secretary-general will be an independent contractor and will report directly to the president and executive committee. Responsibilities include managing and expanding the organization; implementing policies set by the executive committee; working with members, stakeholders, and international organizations with which IPC is accredited; and helping to accomplish the organization’s mission.

A list of qualifications and a detailed position description is available by e-mail request to Watts at

Poultry industry association representatives in 24 countries are members of the IPC, which was formed in 2005 as a cooperative forum for the world’s poultry-producing countries. The growing organization also boasts 38 associate members that include producers, primary breeders, pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, and global restaurant chains that benefit from a strong international poultry industry.

The IPC represents about 80 percent of the world’s poultry production, and about 95 percent of global trade in poultry meat.