When asked what the biggest problem facing the country is, Americans point to “the government” more often than anything else. “The economy” is third most cited problem. Both have consistently stood at the top of the list for the last year. But No. 2 is a relative newcomer that shot to the top of the list earlier this summer: Immigration, according to the Washington Post.

Fifteen percent of Americans say immigration and illegal aliens are the biggest problem facing the country right now, according to a new Gallup poll. That’s about on par with the economy (14 percent) and government/politicians/corruption (18 percent).

As the following Gallup chart indicates, immigration was not a big deal for most people until just a few months ago, when the influx of young illegal immigrants on the Southwest border became national news and the subject of much debate in Washington. Then, concern skyrocketed.

Not everyone who thinks immigration is a problem agrees however on why. Many have long wanted to see Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform that President Obama has championed. Others blame the president for allowing the border crisis to grow unchecked for many months.  But, the bottom line is that immigration is now currently on the minds of many people. As lawmakers prepare for the final mid-term campaign stretch, immigration will likely be back on the political forefront