The National Poultry and Food Distributors Association (NPFDA) Scholarship Foundation each year awards scholarships to four outstanding students who are enrolled full-time pursuing an agriculture, poultry, or food science-related degree. The NPFDA Scholarship Foundation was established in 1979. Since that time, the foundation has awarded almost $200,000 in scholarships to outstanding students to help build “people resources” for the poultry and food industries.

All land grant colleges and universities throughout the country, along with other qualified schools, receive full details of the scholarship program for circulation to those students who would qualify for consideration each winter for the upcoming academic year. Each student must complete the application, write a one-page narrative on their goals and ambitions, and submit these papers with their transcripts. The foundation selects the top five students. Cash awards go to the top four ($2,000 per student). The fifth student will be the alternate student should one of the award recipients not use all of their funds.

The 2014-2015 NPFDA scholarship winners are as follows:

  • Joshua Cassar, Pennsylvania State University, Animal Science, Business/Management Option – Albin S. Johnson Memorial Scholarship
  • Holly Renner, Purdue University, Animal Sciences & Pre-Veterinary Medicine – William Manson Family Memorial Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Moseley, University of Arkansas, Agricultural Business & Poultry Science – Alfred Schwartz Memorial Scholarship
  • Vanessa Alexandre, California Polytechnic State University- San Luis Obispo, Agricultural Business – NPFDA Scholarship
  • Garrett Kays, Kansas State University, Agricultural Economics – Alternate

For more information about the 2015-16 scholarship program , contact NIPFDA at 770-535-9901 or via e-mail at