Chicken exports in August this year were 352,249 metric tons valued at $419.03 million compared with year earlier exports of 256,324 tons valued at $269.29 million, a 37.4-percent increase in quantity and a 55.6-percent increase in value. Chicken parts exports tracked closely with the overall chicken category performance with a 35.4 percent gain in quantity and a 56.0 percent rise in value.  Whole chickens registered impressive increases of 90.4 percent and 95.8 percent for quantity and value, respectively.  Exports of prepared chicken & sausages completed the overall subcategory positive picture with an increase of 32.6 percent in quantity and an increase of 30.8 percent for value.

Chicken exports for August 2010 and August 2011 were as follows:

U.S. Chicken Exports during the Month of August
– metric tons –– percent –– million dollars –– percent –
Chicken parts240,802326,12035.4238.07371.4656.0
Whole chickens9,59118,26690.410.3720.3095.8
Prepared chicken & sausages5,9317,86332.620.8527.2730.8

Chicken export during January-August 2011 totaled 2,299,895 metric tons valued at $2,699.72 million compared with 2,128,567 tons valued at $2,300.02 million during the first eight months of last year.  The year-to-date gain for tonnage is 8.0 percent and increases for value is 17.4 percent.  All three sub-categories within the chicken category were positive with the following increases for quantity and value, respectively, chicken parts 6.8 percent and 16.9 percent, whole chickens 34.1 percent and 37.5 percent, and prepared chicken & sausages 10.8 percent and 11.3 percent.

Chicken exports during January-August 2010 and January-August 2011 were as follows:

U.S. Broiler Parts for the Period of January-August
– metric tons –– percent –– million dollars –– percent –
Chicken parts1,989,9012,125,3746.82,037.962,383.0916.9
Whole chickens89,640120,21834.195.59131.3937.5
Prepared chicken & sausages49,02654,30310.8166.47185.2411.3

In August, Hong Kong was the top parts market with a significant margin over Mexico, the second largest parts market.  Parts to Hong Kong were 57,125 metric tons valued at $75.97 million, an increase of 160.9 percent in quantity and a 147.4 percent in value.  Mexico with 37,799 tons of parts valued at $32.21 million, registered increases of 13.2 percent and 37.6 percent, respectively, for tonnage and value.  Russia was the third top market in August with 22,764 tons valued at $26.51 million, increases of 774.5 percent in quantity and 792.6 percent in value.  Next week’s issue of the Washington Report will present chicken parts exports for the top 15 markets for January-August 2010 and January-August 2011.