USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) this week purchased 4,140,000 pounds of chicken and chicken products at an cost of $4,574,071.20 for school lunch and other domestic food nutrition assistance programs. The complete purchase report can be found on AMS’s Web site. Details of the September 14 purchase follow:

ProductPoundsAward PricesTotal Dollars
Frozen oven roaster (8-piece)1,008,000$2.2020 – $2.4000$2,270,217.60
Chilled bulk pack (large)1,404,000$0.7198 – $0.73981,014,199.20
Chilled bulk pack (legs)1,008,000$0.7195 – $0.7389731,714.40
Cut-up560,000$0.7616 – $0.8480448,740.00
Leg Quarters160,000$0.6825 – $0.6825109,200.00
Total Purchase4,140,000$4,574,071.20