Intended U.S. placements of broiler pullet chicks for the hatchery supply flock for April 2011 were 6,904,000, a 1-percent increase from the 6,825,000 pullet chicks placed in April 2010, according to the “Chickens and Eggs” report issued this week by USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. The April pullet chicks combined with the previous eight months give a 7-to-15-month cumulative total of 63,735,000 hens in November 2011.  The 63,735,000 cumulative potential pullet placements represent a 3 percent increase compared with the number for November 2010.

U.S. Broiler-Type Hatchery Supply Flock
 Pullet Chicks HatchedPotential Placements,
Cumulative 7-15 months earlier
  –000– -%-* –000– -%-* –000– -%-* –000– -%-* –000– -%-*
May7,658938,351109  61,9189563,990103
June7,1571007,128100  62,0499664,558104
July6,214966,675107  61,9039664,656104
August7,163937,313102  62,3009764,820104
September7,1101037,128100  61,6639863,576103
October6,388916,876108  61,1799863,506104
November7,3461057,589103  61,7909963,735103
December6,6271016,771102  62,978101  
Annual Total83,0339784,987102  **62,11997
Source:  Chickens and Eggs, USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service
* Comparison with one year earlier. ** Annual Average

Note:  All generations of layers which would lay eggs to supply a hatchery are included:  parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, pedigree, foundation, and similar.  Any pullet chicks used for research purposes, vaccine production, and specific-pathogen-free layers that are in broiler-type hatchery supply flocks are also included in the data.