Chicken exports for March this year were 288,594 metric tons compared with 292,395 tons in March 2010 while the accompanying values were $336.80 million in March 2011 and $317.36 million a year earlier, a 1.3-percent decrease in quantity but a 6.1-percent increase in value. Broiler parts reflected the overall chicken category situation for this March with a 1.7 percent decline in quantity and a 5.1 percent increase in value.  Whole chicken exports were off 2.2 percent in quantity but up 3.6 percent in value.  Prepared chicken & sausages were stronger with a 15.1-percent increase in quantity and a 20.3-percent increase in value. Chicken exports for March 2010 and March 2011 were as follows:

U.S. Chicken Exports during the Month of March
2010 2011 Change 2010 2011 Change
— metric tons —– percent –— million dollars —– percent –
Broiler parts272,744268,162-1.7280.89295.195.1
Whole chickens12,63312,357-2.213.614.093.6
Prepared chicken & sausages7,0188,07515.122.8727.5220.3

Chicken exports for the first quarter of 2011 totaled 805,035 metric tons valued at $916.07 million compared with 769,908 tons valued at $844.24 million, a 4.6-percent increase for quantity and an 8.5- percent increase for value. Broiler parts within the chicken category were 746,806 tons valued at $804.86 million during January-March this year, 3.6 percent more in tonnage and 7.4 percent more in value than during first quarter 2010.  Export of whole chickens and prepared chicken & sausages also experienced good gains for the quarter. Chicken exports during January-March 2010 and January-March 2011 were as follows:

U.S. Chicken Exports during the Period of January-March
— metric tons —– percent –— million dollars —– percent –
Broiler parts720,892746,8063.6749.58804.867.4
Whole chickens30,21637,28523.432.1141.128
Prepared chicken & sausages18,80020,94411.462.5570.1112.1

In March 2011, the top two broiler parts markets were Hong Kong and Mexico although the quantities slipped 1.9 percent and 4.3 percent, respectively, from March 2010.  At the same time, Hong Kong’s value was off 7.6 percent while the value of parts to Mexico was up 17.9 percent over March year earlier.  Russia was the fifth largest broiler parts market in March this year with 10,054 tons valued at $11.24 million.  In March last year, chicken exports to Russia were zero.  Next week’s issue of the Washington Report will present the export data for the top 15 broiler parts markets.


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