The following was posted this week on NCC’s blog, “The Cluck:”

Jennifer “Jenny” Rhodes owns and operates a family poultry and irrigated grain farm with her two sons, Chris and Ryan. They produce more than 500,000 broilers raised without antibiotics annually. Their farm feeds 30,000 people each year.   

Jenny is also an Extension Educator of Agriculture and Natural Resources for the University of Maryland Extension Queen Anne’s County. The main focuses of her educational programs are agriculture profitability programs, risk management, and poultry production education.  Jenny serves as past President of the Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc., past President of Maryland Association of County Agriculture Agents and past member of Maryland Agriculture Commission.  

Given Jenny’s breadth of poultry experience and agriculture knowledge, we invited Jenny to answer a few questions about her family poultry farm and her thoughts on being a farmer.  Read more…