This post originally appeared on Dr. Janeal Yancey’s blog, Mom at the Meat Counter, and was reposted with permission to the Chicken Check In blog, “The Cluck.”

I have recently seen a few social media posts and had a few questions about white striping in chicken breasts. And honestly, I don’t know as much about chicken as I would like to, so I didn’t have very thorough answers to people’s questions.

Dr. Christine-Alvarado and Dr. Casey-Owens

So, as a scientist, what do I do when I don’t know something? I ask questions and do a little research.

As a mom, when I don’t know something? I ask my friends. Luckily, I have some really smart friends in Poultry Science who know more about chicken than I know about beef.

Dr. Casey Owens and Dr. Christine Alvarado (pictured right) are moms and Poultry Scientists who have been conducting research on the white striping that we sometimes see in chicken breasts. I asked them to write a few words for my blog about it.

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