Strong biosecurity programs that are understood and practiced at all levels of the commercial industry are one of the best ways to protect flocks against HPAI and other infectious diseases. Focusing on the basic biosecurity principles, USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Information Service (APHIS) developed and launched Defend the Flock to help bring industry and stakeholder awareness to these principles, and help commercial growers apply the practices. This campaign is not meant to replace company directives, but rather to compliment them, according to the agency.

Defend the Flock provides information and tools for commercial poultry producers, helping to educate and train everyone involved with poultry production on these key biosecurity practices.

A key element of the campaign is the Resource Toolkit, which will equip comapanies and growers with the resources needed to develop and implement strong biosecurity practices.  More information and resources will be added to the toolkit and website over the coming months, so be sure to check back for updates.

To provide APHIS with feedback on the information, so they can continue to develop and improve these resources, or to share additional resources on the toolkit, please contact