USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has reissued Directive 8080.3 to reflect changes in organization structures and corresponding changes in responsibilities during a foodborne illness investigation.

The directive instructs personnel from the Office of Data Integration and Food Protection; Office of Field Operations; Office of Investigation; Enforcement and Audit; Office of Policy and Program Development; Office of Public Affairs and Consumer Education; and Office of Public Health Science on the procedures to be followed when investigating foodborne illnesses potentially associated with FSIS-regulated meat, poultry or processed egg products.

The directive details exactly which actions are to be taken when a foodborne illness investigation is initiated; instructions for product sampling and laboratory analysis as well as environmental assessment and product traceback; proper agency action; and close-out and final assessment for every investigation.

The directive , which replaces the previous directive dated November 12, 2008, also identifies the factors that trigger an FSIS foodborne illness investigation.   The FSIS notice is available here.