Rabin Worldwide, an auction company based in San Francisco, had the winning bid of $5.36 million for the assets of Omtron USA.  The transaction is expected to close in September.  The company was the only bidder for the poultry operations in Mocksville, Pittsboro, and Siler City, North Carolina, owned by Omtron.  Rabin Worldwide has set a two-month deadline to sell the facilities.

Omtron, a U.S. company owned by Ukranian billioniare Oleg Bakhmatyuk, bought the assets from Townsend in 2011, which was in bankruptcy.  However, Omtron never entered the U.S. poultry market because of volatility in the corn market.  Omtron invested $10 million in the Siler City and Mocksville plants before announcing plans to close both facilities.

Rabin Worldwide recently sold about 80 percent of the equipment in the Siler City plant to Ozark Mountain Poultry.  Rabin Worldwide also said they were looking for buyers for the Siler City plant and office building.  Ozark Mountain Poultry plans to transfer the equipment to its facility in Arkansas.   The processing facilities and all equipment in the Pittsboro location will be auctioned off with the surrounding 534 acres of land.  The company also hopes to find a buyer for the entire Mocksville plant as well, along with two feed mills and truck repair depot.

Any remaining assets not sold will be auctioned off on October 2-3, the company said.