McDonald’s is planning a major rollout of a new sandwich called McWrap, which it hopes will be a “Subway buster,” according to a report in Advertising Age. The McWrap includes chicken, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and three sauces customers can choose. Customers can also choose either grilled or crispy chicken. McDonald’s hopes the new menu product will appeal to young people and those who have a health-conscious mindset.

According to the report, McDonald’s sees the McWrap as its biggest launch of 2013 and its biggest brand opportunity since McCafe. Though the McWrap is available in some locations already, the official national launch will be within the next few weeks and will include a major national marketing push. A spokesperson for McDonald’s would not comment nor confirm plans to Advertising Age about the McWrap. The chain already has snack wraps on its menu.  It tested the entree-sized McWrap last year after the product was successful overseas. In the Chicago test for the McWrap, it sold for $3.99 and it is believed it will be priced similarly nationally.