Sanderson Farms announced yesterday plans to invest more than $100 million on a new big-bird deboning poultry complex in and near Palestine, Texas.   The announcement came during the company’s annual stock holders meeting at the company headquarters in Laurel, Mississippi.  Sanderson Farms said the new complex will complement the company’s existing operations in Bryan and Waco, Texas.

Three facilities are planned, according to the Palestine Economic Development Council.  A hatchery and processing plant will be built in Anderson County at a cost of $92 million and a feed mill will be located in Freestone County at an additional $32 million.  The company expects to employ up to 1,000 people once the plant is open and fully operational.

“The state of Texas has been an outstanding place for Sanderson Farms to do business,” said Joe F. Sanderson, Jr., chairman and CEO of the company.  “We look forward to the new marketing opportunities the new facility will create for us in this important region.  However, construction of the new facility remains on hold until we have  better visibility on future prices and availability of grain, and is subject to other contingencies including obtaining necessary permits, negotiating construction contracts, completing construction, and obtaining board approval to move forward with the project,”  Sanderson said.