Customers become loyal to quick-service restaurants because of the value they offer, convenience, low prices, and speedy service, according to a recent survey of U.S. restaurant customers facilitated by Restaurant DemandTracker, a syndicated consumer research service.  Value tops consumer preferences at 58 percent, followed closely by convenience (57 percent), low prices (53 percent), and fast service (51 percent).  Great-tasting food is number 8 on the loyalty-driving factor list.

The survey also examined consumers’ perception of different restaurant brands based on numerous attributes.

  • Those with the strongest perceptions for providing “food value” were McDonald’s at 57 percent; Subway, 53 percent; and Taco Bell, 48 percent.
  • For convenience, McDonald’s topped the list at 68 percent, followed by Taco Bell and Burger King, each at 50 percent.
  • The brands with the strongest perceptions for fast service were McDonald’s (64 percent),  Taco Bell (56 Percent), Subway (55 percent), and Burger King and Wendy’s, both at 55 percent.
  • The top scoring brands for great tasting food were Subway (58 percent), Chick-fil-A (54 percent) and Wendy’s (48 percent).
  • The highest satisfaction scores among past three-month visitors were Chick-fil-A (66 percent), Long John Silver (56 percent); and Whataburger (54 percent).