Brazil’s trade ministry said the country’s exports of corn and ethanol rose in October as foreign buyers turned to Brazil after the worst drought in 50 years ravaged U.S. crops, according to a Reuters report.

Brazil harvested a record corn crop of nearly 73 million metric tons (80.47 million tons) this past season, which surpassed its soy output for the first time in a decade.  Corn exports last month reached a record 3.66 million metric tons to beat September shipments of 3.14 million and October year ago exports of 1.52 million.

The drought in the U.S. grain belt has kept global demand strong for corn of other origins and will help push Brazilian exports of the grain into record territory this year.  Shipments are expected to reach 17 million metric tons.  Ethanol exports from Brazil were also responding to the strong demand for the biofuel created by the U.S. drought.  Brazilian ethanol shipments reached 492.2 million liters in the past month, up from 452.7 million in September and 247 million liters in October a year ago, the ministry said in a monthly report on the countries main commodities exports.