Perdue Farms is celebrating the important contributions of its 627 professional drivers during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 16-22.

“National Truck Driver Appreciation Week gives us an opportunity to visibly salute our drivers by displaying banners and signs throughout the company where our drivers deliver and pick up product, and treating them to cook outs,” said Chairman Jim Perdue in a press release issued this week. “During the week, I,  along with dozens of our managers, ride along with one of our drivers. It gives you a real appreciation for their dedication to safety and customer service. Once you sit in the cab of a truck, you gain a true perspective on how professional these drivers are.”

Throughout its operations this week, Perdue associates are taking the time to personally thank the professional drivers who deliver those products to the company’s customers, as well as drivers who deliver eggs to hatcheries, chicks and feed to the farm families who contract to raise the company’s birds, and ship products between plants.

According to the American Trucking Association, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week honors the 3.1 million professional truck drivers who deliver America’s freight safely and securely everyday. These professional men and women log close to 398 billion miles each year and in 2011 delivered 67 percent of the 9.2 billion tons of freight shipped in the United States.